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The greatest source of inspiration in my life is my Grandmother Karin. I used to spend a great deal of time as a little girl in her wonderfully cosy and snug home. She worked in the local garment factory and had a unique feeling for fabrics and textures. We used to sit sewing for hours! Her desire for authenticity and passion for crafts have been passed on and have been integral to everything I have done over the years. And it is this sensibility that has shaped Dughult of Sweden.

It is our vision to make what we believe in. To create superior quality clothing with the finest feel and a timeless, contemporary classic style. And only dresses, skirts, jackets and coats. Clothing with long-lasting quality for everyday and special occasion wear. When you wear them, you should be able to feel that each item has been crafted with love. My dream is that Dughult of Sweden will be the go-to choice for you and your wardrobe. A must-have for the woman who knows who she is, what she wants and why.

We have chosen to produce our garments one hundred percent in Sweden. This allows us to keep in close contact and a constant dialogue with our skilled dressmakers. We take our responsibility seriously for reducing transport for a more sustainable society. We are proud of creating new jobs while keeping Swedish textile culture alive.

The garments from Dughult of Sweden are unique and beautiful. They all have a story, just like the women who will be wearing them. My Grandmother would have liked that.

Linda Jöfelt
Founder & CEO
Dughult of Sweden

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