Clothes for women, patternmaking and manufacturing in Sweden

My grandmother gave me a heritage in patternmaking that I want to share. She taught me the genuine in sewing that has been inherited for generations. The tradition of sewing, details and accuracy where the human being is in focus and the qualities are crucial for a perfect garment. She taught me to never give up and always take advantage of the resources we have around us.

My ambition has always been to work for a slower production. This is done by manufacturing in a smaller scale and in a sustainable way with natural materials and sewing in Sweden. Over the years, we have received an enormous response from both customers and companies as their longing for sustainable clothing has increased. People have been tired of clothes being sewn in low-wage countries and shipped all over the globe. I am convinced that a lot of people are willing to pay
a little more for the garment that is manufactured sustainably.

All clothes are sewn at our own factory, right in the heart of Gothenburg. This is where all ideas are born and this is where we make Dughults clothes and sewingpatterns. Dughult has mainly two target groups, firstly those who love what we do and shop our garments. Second, all wonderful creative people who love to sew themselves and want to create their own Dughult garment. We have made it possible to meet both, so today we sell both clothes and sewingpatterns.

Our business vision is clear. We want to design quality clothing made in natural fabrics for a sustainable world. You do not have to produce more than what is used. We will not increase the ongoing overconsumption that exists right now. We should be careful about our earth and enjoy every garment we sew instead of leaving 3 out of 4 laying in the closet.

My beloved grandmother lived until she was 105 years old. Sometimes I wonder if I have her genes and if I also will reach that age. My grandmother knew everything and she is the coolest person I have ever met.

Wish you a lovely day!

/Love Linda

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