A wool coat in 100% wool is your best investment

One of the best investments you can make is to buy a wool coat. And then I really mean a coat that is made of 100% wool. When I was young. I often visit my grandmother. In her wardrobe always hung a pair of woolen coats. And no matter how much they were used, they looked like new. So incredibly nice and well maintained. It seemed like they were washing themselves by just hanging out.

Of all the natural materials, wool is probably my absolute favorite. You who live in Gothenburg know that winters can be a little extra raw. When the wind is blowing and it is minus 2, then a wool coat is perfect. But wool is not only perfect for warmth and protection from the cold. It is breathable and lets sweat through if you get too hot. In addition, it is durable and strong, which means that it lasts for many years from your purchase.

Wool coats in a good quality have a dense fabric and do not let moisture through as mixed materials do. This makes a real wool coat both denser and warmer and resists water in a phenomenal way. In my quest for the perfect wool coat, this has been something I worked really hard for. I choose my wool from suppliers in Portugal, Italy and England who produce a fantastic melton or blend of wool / cashmere. In this way, we get the dense and fine fabric that is the key to a warm and durable coat. With us, the coat has no season. You sell wool coats all year round, even in the middle of summer.

In addition to the material, I like the classic style. A coat that keeps a classic style and you can wear year after year without it running out of time. Such a coat inherits your daughter or daughter-in-law and is eventually handed over second hand.

A common question may be; How do I take care of my wool coat? Light as a plate, you hang it on air for an hour. If there is dry snow, lay it straight on the snow. Nature purifies the natural.

Now enjoy the autumn, and the cozy time we have ahead of us!

Hugs Linda

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