Festklädd i vår med Dughults vackra klänningar

Solens strålar skiner in genom fönstret och vår skräddare använder Dughults symönster och skär klänningar för glatta livet. Våren är en hektiskt tid för oss med alla härliga högtider och fester. Så härligt att se den glädje och lycka som bubblar i mina kunder när dom ser fram emot ett.

Tailoring & photography in the house

Once or twice a year, I gather our lovely Dughult crew to photograph our garments and sewingpatterns. Often there are newcomers but sometimes also older models who due to their popularity get the chance to return to the spotlight. By my side I usually have my coach Camilla Amundsson, hairdresser.

Clothes for women, patternmaking and manufacturing in Sweden

My grandmother gave me a heritage in patternmaking that I want to share. She taught me the genuine in sewing that has been inherited for generations. The tradition of sewing, details and accuracy where the human being is in focus and the qualities are crucial for a perfect garment. She.

Sewingpattern from Dughult

  On the farm Dughult in Halland there was a treasure chest of sewingpatterns. Made by my beloved grandmother Karin who was good at fashionsewing. This is where I went with my family every weekend when I was little. It was also here I realized that my interest lay in.